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3 Foolproof Ways to Prove Your Employment Discrimination Claim

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Feeling discriminated in the workplace may be one of the worst feelings one can experience. It may seem like you have no one to turn to, or that you have no choice but to endure the treatment you’re getting from your employer.

However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s illegal to discriminate against employees based on their gender, sexuality, age, race or any number of other factors. As a result, you can, and should, file a discrimination suit against your employer.

Unsure if you will be able to successfully litigate your employee discrimination to prompt private sector investigations at your company and get you the compensation for which you’re looking?

Document everything

The first step to successfully proving you are a victim of discrimination is to obtain evidence of this discrimination. Whether it’s in the form of an email or a daily log of any discriminatory actions, it’s crucial to keep a record of any discriminatory behavior. Record specific details of each instance; the more specific, the better.

Identify witnesses to your discrimination

The hardest employment discrimination cases to win are based on hearsay and “he said/she said” allegations. To make sure your case doesn’t become one of these situations, be sure to identify coworkers who are sympathetic to your situation and have seen your discrimination firsthand. These individuals should be willing to testify on your behalf, or at least affirm your allegations in writing.

Seek legal consultation as soon as possible

Another huge part of winning employment discrimination cases is having the right legal representation. As soon as you know you plan to file one of these lawsuits, seek out a civil litigation lawyer. Never wait until after you’ve been fired. The earlier you have a lawyer at your side, the easier it becomes to gather evidence and prepare your case.

Have any other questions or thoughts about pre-litigation strategy for employment discrimination, complex civil litigation or other civil rights issues? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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