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7 Steps You Can Take to Cancel Your Timeshare

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There are a lot of timeshares in the United States. It has been estimated that the industry is worth about $70 billion. For the typical timeshare that is new, the price tag hovers around $20,000. A lot of people buy into timeshares only to find that they cannot use them and they then want to cancel timeshare after rescission period. There are a few reasons for this. Data from 2016, show that 66% people who want to cancel their timeshare say the maintenance fees are just too high. Another 46% of thee people say this is the biggest problem they have with their timeshare. If you are looking to cancel timeshare after rescission period, here are some tips to help:

  1. Get all the details about the presentation you attended. Most people who buy timeshares do so after attending a high pressure seminar to do so. Make a note of the:
    • Location of the seminar.
    • The date and time.
    • Who gave the presentation.
    • Who (other than you) attended the seminar.
    • The facts that they gave you and any misrepresentations they gave.
    • The techniques they used to pressure you to buy.
  2. Take your time and write a clear and concise letter. When you are looking to cancel timeshare after rescission period, you need to be able to cite the provisions in your timeshare agreement that make the allowances for canceling a timeshare. In addition to the copy you send the resort, you should keep copies for yourself and then send one to your timeshare lawyer, your bank or credit card company, the sales manager of the company who sold you the timeshare, owner of the resort, customer service manager of the timeshare seller and one should be sent to the Federal Trade Commission. Do not forget to mention that you will be in touch to confirm that they received your letter and expect to receive a full refund for what you paid for the timeshare. Y
  3. Use the right service to send your letters. You need to be able to prove that your letter reaches the people you need it to reach. You should send your letters certified mail and make sure someone at the company has to sign for it. When people are looking to cancel timeshare after rescission period, you can bet they are going to do what they can to make it harder.
  4. Follow up your letters with phone calls. Once you know your letters have been received, you need to call to follow up. You should place a call to the customer service department. They may try to not let you speak to the manager but you need to be firm. You should not waste your time talking to people who do not have the authority to grant you a full refund. Keep detailed notes about everyone you talk to, what their name is, how you can reach them and what happened. Memories fade and this information can help you get what you want.
  5. Persistence pays off. You may get frustrated but you should not give up. Be persistent. You can get what you want, a full refund for the price you paid for your timeshare.
  6. Stay calm. As frustrated as you may be, you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Do what you can to stay calm and be polite with the people you talk to about your timeshare cancelation. When you are talking to the people to get your refund, keep your focus on your goal. You should not go into all the problems you had with the process and the people who sold you the timeshare.
  7. You will have to send your contract back to the timeshare company once you have received your refund. Make sure you have copies of everything. When you mail back the contract, include a letter explaining you are in the process to cancel timeshare after rescission period. Make sure you inform any regulatory agencies that would be interested know what happens with your timeshare.

Timeshares can be great for a lot of people. They can also cost more than many people want to spend. If you are looking to cancel timeshare after rescission period, you are not alone. You can have success here if you work at it.

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