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Dallas Law Firm Adds Experienced Personal Injury Attorney to the Roster

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Standly Hamilton, LLP, a Dallas-based law firm, has announced that they have hired Stephen Blackburn to join their team. According to a press release from the firm on, Blackburn is an experienced personal injury attorney in the court room and will make an immediate impact in the firm.

“I am very excited about continuing my work at Standly Hamilton by helping people who often are facing life-altering injuries that were caused by a corporation or someone else’s negligence,” Blackburn said. “Chris Hamilton and I have worked together over the years, and we both are looking forward to protecting our clients’ rights and growing the firm.”

Standly Hamilton has had a reputation of handling “high-stakes contingency fee litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, and transactional attorneys who represent real estate and corporate clients in a wide spectrum of business transactions,” according to the press release.

Blackburn will give them another professional personal injury lawyer with experience in a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases. It’s unclear if any of that involved him working as a auto accident attorney/car accident lawyer, although auto accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers’ work commonly crossover.

In addition to being a personal injury attorney, Blackburn has experience dealing with cases of environmental water contamination, medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, and exposure to toxic chemicals and other dangerous products. Before coming to Standly Hamilton he worked for the Baron and Budd law firm in Dallas.

A proud member of the American Bar Association, American Association for Justice, and the Public Justice Foundation Blackburn received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School and undergraduate degree from the University of Florida.

It’s not surprising for a talent such as Blackburn to be scooped up by a neighboring law firm. Personal injury law is widely considered one of the most lucrative areas of the law and Standly Hamilton has shown a commitment to not shying away from big, difficult, or controversial cases. With another experienced personal injury attorney like Blackburn in the fold, the sky is the limit.

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