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Finding the Best Criminal DUI Attorney

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A dui, or driving under the influence, is a criminal charge. In this case a person will want the very best criminal dui attorney they can find. Dui laws can vary from state to state. However, in some locations, a dui conviction can come with jail time for anywhere from three days to six months, in addition to drivers license suspension for a term of six months to three years. An individual who is facing a dui charge will require representation by the best criminal dui attorney available. It is necessary for the attorney to be experienced in their field, well-informed, and on top of the laws that govern the state where the crime occurred.

A good criminal dui attorney has a number of responsibilities to his or her client, each one as essential as the other. Every case is different; therefore, finding a good attorney who will be able to examine all the details and pick out certain factors with which to build a defense is imperative. Weakening the details of the charge is part of the job, as is recommending the best course of action for the client’s best interest. The attorney can challenge any testing done at the time of the arrest as well. If urine, blood, and breathalyzer tests were not done properly, they will not hold up in court.

Plea bargaining and sentence bargaining can be worked out for the client by their attorney in order to lessen their time spent in jail. For instance, if the offender is sentenced to one year in jail, a criminal defense attorney can suggest a reduction of that time to eight months with the remaining four months spent in a treatment facility. Under treatment the client will receive help for their drug or alcohol problem, which could eliminate another similar problem in the future.

In addition to all of this, it is the responsibility of a good criminal dui attorney to explain the charges to the client, as well as the laws that govern those charges and the laws that protect them. An initial consultation with a lawyer who is part of a criminal defense firm will usually tell both the client and the representative of the firm whether or not they will work well together. Most times an initial consultation is free of charge. This enables the attorney and the individual to make a determination of whether or not the firm will fit the needs of the case. It comes with no obligation and no loss of any funds that the client will need to put toward the defense of their case.

Criminal defense firms take on more than dui cases. The basic description of a criminal defense lawyer is someone who defends and speaks on behalf of individuals or corporations that have been accused of any type of activity that has been determined to be criminal in nature. This is a very broad description that covers a multitude of criminal acts and the hundreds of details that are involved.

Because of the detail involved criminal law is very intricate in nature. Information needs to be gathered from a variety of sources by the attorney in order to build a strong and credible case in their client’s defense. Witnesses have to be contacted and interviewed, and investigations have to be conducted of statements and details surrounding the circumstances of the arrest. Police records have to be read and interpreted, and all paperwork has to be completed and filed in a timely fashion.

When the attorney has compiled all necessary information, he or she must conduct a comprehensive and accurate study, as well as legal analysis, of every word. Every i must be dotted, and every t crossed, so to speak. The attorney will be involved in jury selection and will be required to keep the client informed of every step being taken in their case, keeping all discussions with them confidential. In the end, whatever the outcome, it is up to the lawyer to assist the client in understanding and handling whatever repercussions there will be to the charges against them. A criminal dui attorney can be part of a private practice or can be appointed by the state.

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