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Getting Help for Immigration Paperwork

Those looking for legal, permanent residence as American citizens have a number of procedures to follow to become citizens of the United States, and sometimes, having legal help will be necessary if a person’s case is complicated by previous events or paperwork problems. For this reason, finding the best immigration lawyer can be an essential step to take, as the best immigration lawyer for any prospective American citizen can make the immigration and naturalization process faster and easier, and prevent any minor or major complications that may delay or prevent entry to the United States and becoming a citizen there. An immigration attorney can help a client with visa filing fees, the EB5 visa process,help with the visa application process in general, and much more. Immigration lawyers all across the United States are ready to help.

Quick Basics of Immigration

Of the entire American population, 13% of people are in fact immigrants, meaning many millions of foreign-born people who have (often) become citizens of the United States. And in present times, it is believed that over 60% of immigrants have been living in the country for over 15 years. Overall, the total population of foreign-born individuals in the American population has quadrupled since 1965, and the total is estimated to reach 78 million by the year 2065. To aid the process of becoming proper American citizens, the Immigrant Investor Program, or the EB-5, was created in Congress’ Immigration Act in the year 1990, and the USCIS, the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services often reserves 10,000 total visas for EB-5 investors in every fiscal year. And among immigrants, one million people receive U.S. green cards every year. In the midst of all this, paperwork can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming for newcomers to the country, and the best immigration lawyer for the job is ready to help out.

Getting an Immigration Lawyer

For those working to obtain their American citizenship, a lawyer can speed up the process and prevent any major problems that could delay gaining citizenship, or worse, facing a problem that could result in deportation. According to Find Law, a green card holder, a citizen bringing a loved one into the United States, or a foreign national living abroad who wants to find employment in the United States could all stand to get a lawyer’s help for the immigration process. The best immigration lawyer for the job can protect that person’s legal rights and ensure that deportation or worse is avoided.

An immigration lawyer may take care of a wide variety of jobs for their client, such as (but not limited to) collecting any necessary records, document preparation, researching any relevant laws, planning an overall legal strategy, conferring with government agencies, and attending court proceedings or hearings for an immigration case. During the entire process, the lawyer will protect his or her client’s rights and address any concerns.

In some cases, a person with a green card or any other person seeking citizenship may have a condition or previous experience that may complicate their effort to gain citizenship, and having a lawyer’s aid can go a long way to prevent deportation or other trouble. For example, someone who has committed crimes will not necessarily be barred from entering the country, but misrepresenting their paperwork may result in deportation. Carrying a communicable disease may also require a lawyer’s aid to prove that the client is not a serious health hazard, and if the person had been previously removed from the United States, they may be able to enter again, but will probably need a lawyer’s guidance. And a more mundane problem with immigration is simply how complicated the process is. A person attempting all the paperwork alone may have trouble going beyond a certain point and will enlist a lawyer’s aid even if he or she does not have any particular problems to worry about. Whatever the reason for hiring an immigration attorney, any visitor can find the path to citizenship faster and easier with legal aid on their side.

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