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Have You Been Hurt at Work? You Need to Read This!

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Getting hurt at work is a nightmare for both employers and the people who work for them. Because getting hurt on the job can lead to costly medical bills and potentially lifetime health consequences, there are big stakes in making sure that settlements are fair to all sides. A worker compensation lawyer specializes in understanding the legal system, helping to understand the potential long-term effects of becoming hurt at work, and how to best protect you and your family through this stressful time. For four tips about knowing when to hire a workmans comp lawyer, keep reading.
1) When the Law Covers You For about 125.8 million Americans in 2011, state of federal workers’ compensation laws provided them some protection when facing workplace injury. Within these laws, workers’ comp often pays the full medical costs for injured works and some time for lost wages after a waiting period. If you are in a profession that offers this kind of protection, you may still need to consider when to hire a workmans comp lawyer if you are concerned the standard coverage is not enough to meet your short or long-term needs.
2) When the Law Doesn’t Cover You If you are not covered under a worker compensation program, it is especially important to think about when to hire a workmans comp lawyer. In order to make sure that an injury you incur at work does not result in major economic hardship for you, it may be important to have a professional on your side. An attorney for workers compensation can help you understand your rights and exercise them to their full potential.
3) Profession Matters Certain professions leave you more prone to becoming hurt at work. Nursing assistants and orderlies are three times more likely than even construction workers to suffer from a back injury. If you are in one of these professions, it may be a good idea to think about when to hire a workmans comp attorney while you are still healthy so you have a plan in place to protect should you ever need it.
4) High Stakes Getting hurt at work can sometimes mean that you will lose your ability to perform your job. In this case, one injury can literally effect the rest of your life. When this is the case, it is beneficial to have a lawyer on your side that knows how to think long-term about what is fair compensation for you and your family and make sure that you are protected into your future.
Having to think about when to hire a workmans comp lawyer is always a stressful time for people. Incurring an unexpected injury that leads to medical expenses and loss of wages is difficult for nearly any family to absorb. Making sure that you have an attorney on your side to protect your financial future is absolutely essential to making a full recovery and getting your life back on track after a workplace injury.

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