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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes, a marriage will enter a difficult period and the two people in a married couple may opt to get a legal separation, or other times, one of the spouses will in fact file for divorce, and this results in a legal case where assets are divided and child support lawyers ad adoption lawyers may enter the picture if any minor children of the divorcing couple are involved. Filing for a divorce, or finding legal defenses when one’s spouse files for a divorce, means getting divorce lawyers to aid the spouse in their endeavor, and even if the two people are getting a separation instead of a full divorce, legal aid can help smooth things out and prevent further trouble, especially if one of the spouses has abused someone or is threatening them somehow. Family lawyers will also be relevant if a marriage involved one or more children, and a person is encouraged to find legal help for that too, such as searching “family lawyer New Jersey” or something to that effect to find local law firms. When a separation or divorce is taking place, what should the spouses be prepared for?

Rates of Marriage and Divorce

It is generally accepted that rates of divorce have increased considerably since the 1950s, and there are studies to examine the rates at which people both get married and legally end those marriages. It has been found that anywhere from 50% to 50% of American married couples will end up getting a divorce sooner or later, and some statistics generally suggest that if a marriage is a third of fourth (or later) for a spouse, a divorce is more likely, and couples who dated for just a short time are generally more likely to divorce than those who dated for a longer period (three or more years, for example). Also, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the AAML, has found that 51% of divorce attorneys typically see prenuptial agreements rates increasing among Millenials (those born 1982-1995).

What cause a divorce? Simple personal incompatibility is one cause, where the two people simply have different lifestyles and, to put it simply, do not get along as people as they expected to. Money may also be a significant factor, where the two spouses have very different ideas on how to spend their money, and in what amounts, which may be even trickier when a joint bank account exists or if they spare property such as a house or a recreational vehicle or other investments. And in some other cases, infidelity, drug use, or alcohol abuse can cause one spouse to file for divorce against the other, as drug or alcohol users may be much more likely to commit crime, fail to hold a job, or threaten or abuse those around them. When it is clear that a marriage cannot survive due to one or more of these factors, or anything else that may come up, divorce lawyers may be contacted both to help someone properly file the divorce, or to defend the other spouse from the legal actions of their spouse.

Getting Legal Help

In the case of divorce, a spouse may relocate themselves or any vulnerable children to another residence away from other other spouse if violence or verbal abuse is expected or has already happened, and divorce lawyers may also help the filing spouse stay safe and private from the other spouse if need be. The filer will also get assistance with the filing procedure and seek what they want in the divorce, such as child custody, or certain property like the house, a car, or anything else of value, aside from money itself. The other spouse may reach out to family lawyers if they expect a legal battle over custody of children, as well as finding help help for keeping what they want in divorce proceedings.

A person who is looking or legal help either to file for divorce or defend them against the other spouse’s filings may conduct an Internet search for local divorce law firms and visit the site or call them, and get consultations with the divorce lawyers there (this may or may not incur a fee). A client can look for a divorce lawyer whose skills, educational background, and personality are to the client’s liking.

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