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How A Social Security Lawyer Can Help You

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Unfortunately, few people find themselves calling a lawyer because of a happy situation. In these tough economic times, many end up calling an attorney due to the fact that they face financial hardships associated with bankruptcy or social security issues. Luckily, making that first step is the beginning of turning a bad situation into a good one. A skilled bankruptcy lawyer or social security attorney is able to represent their clients and help them navigate out of financial crises, losing as little as possible and gaining as much as they can. Whether you?re trying to pull yourself out of bankruptcy or get the social security benefits you deserve, an attorney can help you.

Getting What You Need And Deserve With A Social Security Attorney

Social security can be difficult to understand, and a good social security can simplify the process vastly. Those who are 65 and above, blind, or otherwise disabled can receive social security benefits, but it?s not as simple as requesting and receiving. For one thing, to qualify for social security one must have surprisingly few assets and limited income. Social security recipients must have less than $2,000 in assets for a single person, and less than $3,000 in assets for a couple. A medical condition that qualifies someone for social security benefits must last at least 12 months. The minimum benefit for social security is $1, and payments should be made on the first of the month, unless that first day is on a weekend or legal holiday, in which case the payment will be made on the first day prior that isn?t a weekend or holiday. If you?re being denied these benefits and deserve them, consult with a social security attorney as soon as possible.

Why Do People File For Bankruptcy?

Nobody wants to call a bankruptcy attorney, but when the need arises most will be better off with an attorney than without one. Don?t feel ashamed about filing for bankruptcies ? many of the leading reasons why people file for bankruptcy are extremely valid, and should not be treated like shameful secrets. Often, filing for bankruptcy has to do with things like high student debt or medical expenses, and with nearly 97% of bankruptcy cases being filed by individuals, not businesses, you shouldn?t feel alone.

How Can A Bankruptcy Attorney Help Me?

If you find yourself filing for bankruptcy, one of the things you?ll likely be concerned with is keeping as many of your assets as possible. That is a big reason why a bankruptcy attorney can help. A bankruptcy attorney will represent your interests and make sure you come out of this situation with as little permanent damage as possible. These attorneys know what you?re going through, and understand your concerns. This is a rough point in your life ? but it doesn?t have to last forever.

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