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I’ve Been Bitten By A Dog Should I Call For A Lawyer?

Nursing home neglect carlsbad

Many people will need an attorney at some point.

Thinking you’re the exception to the rule will only set you up for failure when the worst comes to pass. Whether it’s nursing home abuse affecting someone you love or a car wreck that happens on the way to work, there’s always a function for an attorney. Knowing which one to contact and how to get the most out of your legal resources is essential toward reaching a viable conclusion to your case.

Still in the dark? Here are some of the most common cases attorneys see today.

The Function Of An Attorney

What is the function of an attorney when you’re in a bind? To offer you a helping hand in the legal system and provide you the widest access to legal resources possible. Not all attorneys are alike, however, and choosing one that deals specifically in cases like yours is the most important first step you can make. An elder abuse attorney, for example, works in cases related to mistreatment and neglect to senior citizens. A truck accident attorney, on the other hand, deals not just in car accidents, but car accidents involving trucks.

Elder Abuse

If someone you know has been the victim of elder abuse, an elder abuse attorney will provide you the perspective and support needed. The abuse and neglect of elders is a rampant issue in the United States, with an estimated one out of every 10 elderly Americans experiencing some form of abuse. Another study revealed even worse statistics, with over 90% of nursing home residents reporting either they or someone they know have been neglected in some way. It’s easy to feel powerless in a situation such as this. An elder abuse attorney will make sure you’re not.

Dog Bite

When you’re bit by a dog your first instinct is likely to visit the hospital and ensure you haven’t contracted a disease. Your second step should be to contact dog bite lawyers in your area. As many as four and a half million dog bites will occur every year in the United States, ranging from minor scrapes to severe wounds that require immediate surgical treatment. Every single year over 750,000 people will receive medical treatment related to dog bites. People charged with negligent handling of their dog may be charged a fine or have their animal removed.

Car Accident

A car accident can happen at any time. If your car has been damaged in an accident recently, or you’ve sustained an injury, you need to hire a car accident lawyer. It’s estimated over 37,000 people will die in motor vehicle accidents on American roads each and every year. As many as two and a half million Americans will be severely injured in motor vehicle accidents, specifically, which leads to further responsibility on your end to contact motorcycle accidents lawyers. If you suspect another aspect involved in the crash, the last item on this list is for you…

Distracted Driving

This term is used to denote the incident of a driver attempting to operate a motor vehicle while their attention is compromised. This includes attempting to change the radio dial, text on the phone or eat food. Thousands of people are injured every year because of distracted driving alone, which is nothing to say of additional incidents like drunk driving and road rage. Hiring a lawyer that deals specifically in distracted driving may involve interrogating witnesses and contacting insurance firms to close the book properly on both ends.

What to do when a dog bites or your fender has been bent? Reach out to your local law firm and let them handle the rest.

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