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Three Things Every Veteran Should Know About the VA’s Disability Compensation System

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As a veteran, re-adjusting to one’s life before entering the armed forces can be a trying task — and as a veteran with a disability, it becomes even more of a challenge. That’s why the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the VA, offers compensation to those veterans who have physical or psychological conditions that prevent them from getting back to their everyday lives.

Not sure how you’re going to successfully file for veterans disability compensation? You’re not alone — many veterans with disabilities will need at least some sort of legal advice for veterans to get the benefits they need.

To make sure you understand the VA’s veterans disability compensation system a little more thoroughly, be sure to read these three facts:

One can often receive VA compensation without hiring an attorney

More veterans receive compensation for their disabilities than you may think. In 2008 — the most recent data available — approximately 2.9 million disabled veterans received a total of $36.2 billion in compensation. Most of these veterans are able to file for veterans disability compensation successfully on their own.

If your VA disability claim has been rejected, a veterans attorney will help you get it approved

If you have filed for compensation and had your claim rejected by the VA, you shouldn’t get discouraged — in many cases, a veterans attorney will help you get the documentation you need to successfully portray your disability to the VA. Very few veterans have their claims rejected in these cases.

You may be surprised at how qualified you are for compensation

Many veterans think their disability or condition won’t be enough to make them qualified for compensation — especially veterans with a psychological condition like PTSD. However, nothing could me farther from the truth — and if your mental condition makes it impossible for you to lead your life as your normally would, VA compensation is what you need to live a comfortable life.

What are some other essential things to know about obtaining VA disability benefits? Share with your fellow readers in the comments below. Helpful sites. More on this topic.

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