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Veteran Affair Disability Compensation Everything There Is To Know

Veterans disability ratings

If you have served your country and were injured in the line of duty, then you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. The compensation can be up to $3,000 a month, and are meant for service members who have sustained injuries, diseases, and family members of those who have died overseas. No matter the amount received, all of these benefits. This are tax-exempt. Here is everything to know about obtaining disability compensation from Veterans Affairs.


You are entitled to benefits if you can prove you have sustained an aliment or a chronic injury that stems from an accident overseas. But, you must have been discharged from service with an honorable rating.

How much will you receive?

In order to find out the proper amount of compensation, you will use a veterans disability calculator. These military disability calculators are based off of veterans disability ratings, as all disabilities are ranked in terms of severity. The disability rating process is easy, all you have to do is enter your injuries– you may have more than one — into a web application and the VA disability calculator will do the rest. The veterans disability calculator will then determine your efficiency rating, which will correlate with a specific monetary amount.

Additional qualifications

The amount of basic benefit packages ranges from about 5130 to %3,000 per month. Additionally, you ma be able to receive compensation if you or your spouse has lost a limb, you have multiple dependents, or a severely disabled spouse.

The application process

As this is a federal subsidy program, it is important to be especially thorough in your application. The application process includes a medical file from a registered civilian and military doctor, dependency records including a wedding certificate and a birth certificate, and any separation documents you were given when leaving service.

In certain situations, you can even apply for benefits before being discharged from the military. If you have already left the service, there are options for travel reimbursement if you must travel long distances to get the compensation you deserve.

Never be afraid to ask questions, so talk to one of your military advisers today.

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