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Virtual Depositions Save Time, Money

What is a court deposition

Technological advancements are making virtual depositions an increasingly attractive option for attorneys looking to cut costs and increase efficiency. This process saves time and travel expenses for attorneys, allows for precise transcripts, and creates compelling video for use in court.

What exactly is a deposition? A legal deposition is sworn oral testimony that is given out of court and used later, either in a trial or elsewhere in the legal process. Before the rise of videoconferencing technology, testimony would have had to be taken in person and transcribed by a stenographer. Now, testimony can be reliably and conveniently collected from across the country. This video can either be recorded and used as-is, or it can be transcribed by deposition reporters.

These two routes both offer benefits. Video testimony can be far more compelling than typed transcripts. But even when a transcript is preferable, video depositions allow reporters to double-check their copy against the video for accuracy.

Of course, you should do area-specific research before planning to rely on virtual depositions. The rules for video depositions in California, for example, might be different from those in Maryland. Instead of just setting up a webcam in the office, consider investigating professional legal video services to ensure the quality necessary for court use.

Have you used virtual depositions before? What pros and cons have you experienced? Let us know in the comments below. Helpful sites.

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