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Ways to Serve With the Local Police in Idaho

Serving with the Local Police in Idaho can be an excellent way to get the experience you may need to enter the field or stay informed on topics related to law enforcement. Police officials in Idaho also see themselves as part of the community in the state. They will regularly welcome citizens to participate in the service in ride-along, particular positions, and volunteer capacities. Each state has etiquette regarding how citizens may serve and how they can volunteer with the local police.

If you have ever wanted to see more about what a police officer does, seek a career path in law enforcement, work with firearms, or serve with the local police, Idaho is a great place to start. This article will discuss ways to serve with the Local Police in Idaho.

Idaho has several different ways that you serve with the local police:

Training Dogs

The Idaho state police depend on K9 personnel to help them serve and protect the state. With that in mind, they will accept applications from people willing to serve as trainers for their police K9s. Working as or with dog trainers is a great way to serve with the local police if you have experience or interest in training animals.

The Idaho Police Canine association has a membership program that includes volunteers who can come in for police exercises and work with local K9s in training. By volunteering with this program, you can work hands-on with police and serve with the local police by helping to train and benefit their K9s.

Ride Along

You can also serve with the Idaho Police Department by participating in a ride-along program. Ridealongs typically involve:

  • Accompanying an officer on patrol for a shift.
  • Observing them in action.
  • Seeing how they serve the community.

This is an excellent way to see if law enforcement jobs would be a good fit for you. Idaho police departments typically require you to fill out a form, sign a waiver and go through an interview process before being allowed to serve in this capacity.

They also require students to be of a specific age and know criminal justice and safety protocols. If you can serve in this capacity, you can get valuable insight into what it is like to serve with the local police.

Working in Police Garment Cleaning and Production

The Idaho state police also require garment cleaners and specialty garment makers in Idaho. Making law enforcement patches or cleaning uniforms is a great way to serve the local police and the community. You can help by providing uniform cleaning and production services for police in Idaho.

These positions do not require any specific skills, but you should have some knowledge of garment care and production techniques. If you serve in this capacity, you can help support law enforcement efforts in Idaho and serve with the local police. Speaking with local cleaners or working with police departments may be the best way to help in this capacity.

serve with the local police by volunteering

Volunteer/Community Service

Another way to serve with the local police is through volunteer or community service projects. For example, there are programs offered by the Idaho Police department that allow citizens to serve as mentors or tutors in various communities. These programs provide an excellent route to help local law enforcement and legal professionals seeking community service programs.

Creating programs for community service could give you a new way to help the community and connect with criminal attorneys and law enforcement professionals with clients who need to serve community service.

Working on Alarm Installation

Fire alarm companies and manufacturers of security alarms serve with the local police quite often. Working in this capacity is a great way to help the local police and the community. Working on alarm systems requires knowledge of wiring and installation of alarms, but also knowledge of safety protocols.

If you serve in this capacity, you can help install new security systems in Idaho that serve to protect citizens. Working with a local alarm company often requires some knowledge of electronics and installation techniques, but it is a great way to serve with local police.

Working in Gun Stores

Gun brokers often work very closely with local police. The state and local law enforcement regulate the sale of firearms, and gun stores serve as a bridge between the police department and citizens. Working in such a store opens you up to serve with the local police by helping to regulate firearms and serve customers who purchase guns from a shop.

If you serve in this capacity, you need to know gun laws and have a knowledge of firearms. There are always gun stores seeking knowledgeable clerks who can help with the sale of firearms and serve with the local police.

Working As a Criminal Attorney

Attorneys must coordinate with the police often and serve the local police in many ways. Working as a criminal attorney gives you an excellent opportunity to help clients seeking legal advice while also serving with the local police. You can provide legal advice to citizens, advise them of their rights, and keep up to date on state and federal laws which often require communication with law enforcement.

If you serve in this capacity, you must know criminal law and how it applies to Idaho. You also should have a good knowledge of the local laws and regulations that affect criminal cases. You will often need extensive education for this position. Many attorneys that work with local police regularly hold a law degree and have extensive experience in criminal law.

Working in Social Programs

Idaho social workers also work closely with police in child custody, homelessness, and other social issues. Working in this capacity can allow you to serve with the local police while also helping citizens. You will need an education in social work and a familiarity with state regulations that impact criminal cases.

Serving as a social worker allows you to help struggling families and individuals while also providing knowledge of the local police and their procedures. Social work professionals in Idaho are now working with police closer than ever and intervening in criminal cases more often. Social work is an essential part of serving the community and helping citizens.

Power Distribution and Electrical Companies

The police often use data from power companies to track suspects and investigate criminal activities. Serving with the local police in this capacity could involve helping to install new power lines or providing technical support for law enforcement data systems. Working at a local energy company could allow you to serve with the local police.

If you serve in this capacity, you need to know about commercial electrical projects, plus some background on security protocols and electrical safety. Working with local power companies is a hidden way that many professionals coordinate with police in Idaho.

Power Backup Systems

The police are an essential service in Idaho, and one of the hidden industries that work closely with police are suppliers of backup generators and power distribution equipment. Companies that produce and supply Generac generators work closely with police to prepare them for emergencies and to help citizens and essential systems when there is a power outage or other issue.

Working in such a capacity allows you to serve the local police by providing them with reliable power solutions and backup plans should an emergency arise. This type of service requires knowledge of electrical wiring and power systems.

Lab Technicians

The police require a lot of lab technicians in their line of work. Lab technicians help analyze evidence, review evidence and perform forensic testing for the police. Whether you work in ecotoxicology or crime scene investigation, if you serve in this capacity, you can help the police to analyze evidence and provide solutions.

This type of position requires knowledge of analysis techniques and an understanding of the protocols for testing and providing evidence for legal proceedings. Speaking with local universities or law enforcement agencies is a great way to find positions related to lab technician work.

serve with the local police through dispatch

Police Dispatch

Although they are closely connected to the police, Idaho state police dispatch officers and 911 responders are employed separately.

They are responsible for receiving emergency calls, sending out alarms, and notifying personnel when required. These professionals require extensive training and knowledge of police procedures.

Working as a police dispatcher or 911 responder is a great way to serve the local police without having to go into the field or receive advanced police training.

Security Officers

Security officers at local businesses, schools, and other institutions play an essential role in helping the police to keep their communities safe. Security officers coordinate with local police departments by providing information on suspicious activities or persons of interest.

Security officers must patrol properties, and when incidents occur, they must work closely with the police. Security officers must understand crime prevention tactics and how to implement them effectively in their local area.

To successfully fulfill the role of a security guard, you must understand local and state laws combined with expertise in surveillance systems, including cameras and access control points. This position requires a different level of training than a police officer but should be taken seriously as it plays a vital role in helping the local police.

Correctional Officers

This position requires a high knowledge of security protocols, physical fitness requirements, and prisoner rights. Correctional officers manage inmates and help to keep order in the facility.

They also coordinate with police departments on inmate investigations and maintain inmate records and files. These professionals must understand laws that apply to inmates and how to enforce them.

For those interested in working with the local police, this is a great way to serve, as you will be an integral part of ensuring justice is served.

Private Investigators

Many private investigators have police training and serve the police by conducting investigations outside their departments’ scope.

These investigators use their knowledge and expertise to provide investigative services to local police departments, law firms, businesses, or individuals.

Working as a private investigator allows you to work closely with local police and provide services that can help solve complex cases.

This profession requires understanding the law and investigative techniques while remaining ethical and professional.

Private investigators are a great way to serve with local police in Idaho and contribute to their efforts to provide justice.

Research and Intel Analysts

Detectives call in police analysts regularly to provide support and research to help solve cases. They use their knowledge and experience to gather intelligence, analyze data, and uncover potentially valuable information. Analysts must deeply understand law enforcement protocols and practices to conduct their analysis correctly.

An aptitude for research and investigation is essential in this role.

Working as a research and intel analyst with the local police is an excellent way to serve in Idaho, as you will assist detectives in solving cases.


Finally, there are many ways to volunteer your time towards serving with the local police in Idaho. Volunteer opportunities will often come up for various fundraisers, local community events, and even search and rescue missions.

Volunteers are essential in helping the police to protect the public.

In addition, volunteers help to keep costs down for local police departments as they work on smaller budgets. If you have a passion for serving your community, this is an excellent way to get involved with the local police directly.

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement or a career path where you can serve with local police in Idaho, any of these options could be a great fit. Becoming a security guard, correctional officer, private investigator, research and intel analyst, or volunteer provides an opportunity to help serve your community and keep the public safe. Each position requires various skill sets and qualifications, which are essential in ensuring justice is done. No matter your route, you will make a difference by serving with the local police in Idaho.

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