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What Is In a Prenuptial Agreement

The video discusses prenuptial agreements and everything included in them. Many people who have a lot of assets and income ask their impending spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement. The document determines how the court must divide everything should the marriage end in divorce.

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The prenuptial agreement includes a variety of items.

Assets are one of the primary items discussed in a couple’s premarital agreement. They include homes, vehicles, expensive jewelry, and other property one partner may own. The agreement may also discuss one of the spouse’s inheritances. It would not be suitable for a spouse to get 50 percent of something that the other individual owned before marrying. Thus, the prenuptial agreement protects the person who owns the inheritance.

Debts are another issue agreements can cover. Usually, spouses do not want to assume each other’s debts, and thus, they request that the agreements cover them adequately so that everyone has to take care of his or her own premarital bills.

An agreement may also cover retirement monies in case the two parties split after they reach the retirement age. The speaker goes over some additional items that may be discussed in a prenuptial agreement for people considering marrying each other.

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