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What Should I Ask My Divorce Lawyer?

There are certain questions you should ask your divorce lawyer when meeting with them. It helps you to prepare for the case and gives you insight into what you can expect from the process. The YouTube highlights ten pertinent questions you should ask your divorce attorney.

Top Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Your legal representative assists with divorce proceedings. There are several pertinent questions you should ask in your initial meeting.

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Firstly, ask the attorney how long they’ve been practicing family law if they’ve handled cases similar to yours, and how they approach a case.

Additionally, ask questions about their experience. An example question you could ask is about the legal grounds for divorce in your state and how that applies to your situation. Also, inquire about your rights and obligations regarding child custody, child support, and spousal support.

Next, find out about the case’s procedure and how long it may take to conclude. Furthermore, a pertinent question is about the attorney’s fees and the structure of these fees. As well as any unexpected costs during the trial that you should be aware of.

This article highlights a few questions you should ask your divorce attorney before hiring them. There are additional questions that have not been listed but are equally important. The goal is to understand the process, costs, and your rights.


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