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What to Expect With a DWI on Your CDL

If you are facing a DWI case, then there is little doubt that you are also dealing with some feelings of uncertainty and concern. If you are looking at an upcoming DWI case and also have a CDL, those feelings are only compounded and multiplied. These are also good reasons, as the attached video notes, to seek the help of an experienced CDL lawyer for questions, representation, and help. No, facing any type of DWI charge isn’t easy or pleasant, but a good CDL lawyer can help make it easier and help mitigate the consequences.

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It is also those unknown consequences that create so many questions.

Like anyone facing any type of legal action, the natural tendency is to be curious, or even worried about what to expect. In the case of having a DWI on your CDL, those concerns are even greater and may bring your livelihood into question. If you are facing the possibility of a DWI on your record, you should know that it will always be there unless you take legal action to have it concealed. The penalties can range from suspension to revocation of your CDL. Past charges and your driving record will also be of considerable influence. So, talk to a CDL lawyer to learn more, and for the representation you will want for your day in court.

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