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Who Can Condemn Your Property?

Eminent domain, also known as ‘condemnation’, is the power of the state, local, or federal government agencies to take private property for public use. It should be noted that the owner is paid with compensation.

While the assets are taken for public use by the government entity, there may also be instances of land and buildings being seized for private use. This happens when there’s a shortage of rental property and housing in areas and other matters.

An individual may also experience having their house taken by the government to use it for leasing and apartments. With that, a condemnation attorney will handle this matter in completing the projects that will benefit the public. In America, condemnation attorneys are usually affiliated with the Owners’ Counsel of America. They are passionate about defending those private landowners who are threatened by the eminent domain.

What does a Condemnation Attorney do?

Aside from defending private owners of the land, condemnation attorney will fight hard for their clients. They will employ legal abilities and experience to take on the challenge.

When a condemnation attorney is employed, the landowner will gain two strong advocates for one: the lawyer is retained, and the resources are.

They’re like real estate lawyers, they assist with the process. With that, it is important to seek assistance from condemnation attorneys or real estate lawyer, especially when the property is already going through the condemnation process.

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