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Job Insight: Administrative Lawyer

In this YouTube video, 5 Key Questions sheds light on the responsibilities of an administrative attorney. An administrative lawyer advocates for the complex social, economic, and political aspects of communications between humans. The administrative lawyer’s goal is to keep these issues clear, balanced, and fair.

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These types of lawyers specifically analyze, watch for, and oppose pieces of legislative bills moving through the local, state, or federal government. Arguments may be on behalf of either the proposers of the legislation or those against it.

To become an administrative lawyer, one must have the proper degree and education and pass the BAR exam. An attorney working with legislative bodies must think concretely, have a firm knowledge of government regulations, executive orders, and interpret case law related to these things. The administrative lawyer needs to be able to communicate professionally with key stakeholders.

Administrative attorneys give legal interpretations based on legal research, make recommendations for better action, and negotiate between two opposing parties.

Administrative attorneys take these skills and work with local regulating agencies for various industries, including OSHA, workers’ compensation boards, city councils, and planning commissions.

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