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Why Do Car Accident Cases Rarely Go to Court?

Car accidents are one of those cases that happen just about every day. In fact, several people have invested in dash cameras for car accident evidence only. However, they can drastically change peoples’ lives.

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When you get into a serious car accident, you would assume that a disagreement on fault could lead to a court case. However, we rarely see car accident cases go to court. Why is this? With such a serious accident completely altering people lives, shouldn’t the guilty party receive a fair trial? In this video, we will take a look at why car accident cases rarely end up going to court.

When it comes to court cases, car insurance companies will do almost anything to avoid a juried case. This is because they often consider juries unpredictable. They also often believe that juries in one state would make a different decision than juries in another state. Oftentimes, insurance companies will recommend not going to court due to the possibility of losing, opting for settlements and agreements outside of the courtroom. Several car accident cases don’t go to court because juries tend to not rule in the insurance’s favor.


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