Divorce Attorneys The Good and the Bad

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Divorces. It’s the second largest fear in America, right before marriage and after death. Americans fear divorce. It has all the negative connotations of relationships associated with it. There is the failed relationship. The failed binding of two people together. Eternal damnation for some. A legacy of broken hearts for others. It is tough.

Relationships start like two flowers just blooming. They receive the radiant sunlight and grow, side by side, until they are nearly entwined. A new relationship starts out like this. Two people are in love. They are rarely hurting each other. Everything seems new and fresh. And then the cord is tied.

The marriage might be brilliant. The food might be delicious, the band might be great, the people might be gay and happy. These are all important points. It is a big night for the two people, and for their families. They are happy. It is their first night as a married couple. They are about to start their lives together. It is a big moment.

But then the slow decay comes. Maybe someone becomes distant from the other. Maybe the person isn’t who they portrayed themselves to be before marriage. Maybe things turn violent. Maybe there is abuse. And maybe, if there are children, the children become caught in the cross-fire.

Then one person takes the unenviable but courageous step to approach a divorce attorney. The divorce attorney knows many things about broken marriages; he or she has seen many before. They have the experience to figure out what it wrong and to help the other person gain what they need during the separation. They know the following statistics:

  • In the United States, there are about 876,000 divorces each year. That means there?s a new divorce happening every 36 seconds.
  • 41% of first marriages end in divorce.

A divorce attorney is the bull in the china shop. He or she can get someone what they want, at all cost. Yes, a person has to pay them, but the divorce attorney knows how to fight. They’ll get the alimony. They’ll get the child custody arrangements. They’ll get the property. That is, if they are good.

If a divorce attorney is good, they’ll have references someone can check on. If a divorce attorney is good, they’ll have some kind of track record or reputation that someone can look into. If a divorce attorney is not good, there will be little to check on his or her reputation or track record, no references to follow.

If a divorce attorney is good or a divorce attorney is not good will make all the difference when it comes to the negotiations. A divorce attorney who is not good will fail in the respects of getting his or her client what they need and what they deserve. They will not fight or fight terribly.

There are many parts of the divorce proceedings that have the need for a good, fighting lawyer. There is the part about the payment for one spouse of another for providing for the children. This is called alimony and occurs when one person makes a significant amount of money more than the other.

There is another part of the divorce proceedings that is important and has the need for a good, fighting lawyer: the property. The property rights are likely shared between the two people. If they are, the division of property will take place as a legal matter. Both people will fight for the property. Both people will strive to have the property.

The one with the best lawyer will win.

And then there are the children. Maybe some people will not want to have custody of the children, while will make everything much easier. Some people will fight the other tooth and nail to be able to have custody of the children. Sometimes this results in split custody. Sometimes not.

A good lawyer will fight for their clients to get the custody they want for their children.

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