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3 Lawsuits That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

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Whether it’s your first criminal case or your fiftieth, chances are, you’re sick of this routine. Your criminal defense lawyer griping away in the background about parole and visitation rights, it’s all just noise. Why not kick back and relax with some hilarious cases from around the world? Here are some of the most ridiculous personal injury, family law, and criminal cases ever recorded, guaranteed to make you forget all about that cold, mushy prison food.

How dare you?! – When in line at a Disneyland park, a man was told by one of the park’s employees that he was standing in the wrong line. (Or on the wrong side of the line, maybe.) The man then, allegedly, fainted from humiliation, and ended up hurting himself during the fall. He sued the park for his injuries, which was probably a really embarrassing thing to explain to a judge.

Fall on your knees – Here comes another fainter. After a Knoxville man was touched by an evangelical priest, he said that he felt the spirit move within him. So much so that, you guessed it, he fainted, and ended up hurting himself during the fall. He hit his head on the way down, and ended up suing the church for $2.5 million. Seems like a hefty sum, considering it’s likely he just wanted to be a part of the fun.

Sue you? No, sue me! – After a night of heavy drinking and various shenanigans, a man found himself in the slammer. He attempted to file a $5 million lawsuit against himself, saying that he had violated his own rights, and that he would never have acted the way he acted while drunk. (Redundant?) When asked who would be paying him this $5 mil, he said that the state should be paying it, since he was technically an unemployed ward of the state. Needless to say, he didn’t get the money.

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