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Car Accidents Cost The American Economy Billions What To Do When You’re The Victim Of A Crash

Accidents don’t wait until you’ve accumulated enough emergency savings. They don’t care about a good day. An accident attorney, however, does.

The function of a lawyer is to organize the mess your week has become in the aftermath of an accident and get you back on your feet. This can be a drunk driving incident that’s put you in the hospital and it can be vehicle negligence. Whatever you suspect is the underlying cause of the issue is best done with a helping hand, something thousands of Americans learn first-hand year after year. If you’re in the middle of figuring it all out, take a few minutes to read the list below.

An accident attorney can help you finally make sense of it all.

The Rate Of Car Accidents In America

Every day thousands of car crashes occur around the country. Studies have even suggested there could be as many as five and a half million total car accidents in the United States annually. These are so common several niches have been introduced to keep track of it all, from the general car accident attorney to the motorcycle crash attorney. Choosing the right one will go a long way in helping your case reach a conclusion. Even minor details you might not think can be resolved will be discussed and applied to your lawsuit.

Drunk Driving And Distracted Driving

Do you suspect additional details involved in your crash? It’s essential to reach out to a car accident attorney and ask them for advice. Drunk driving is a rampant issue that kills hundreds of people yearly, even as laws to curb these incidents have become more strict. Distracted driving is another such issue that can increase a driver’s probability of a crash. This term is used to refer to a driver attempting to multitask behind the wheel, such as changing the radio dial or talking on the phone.

Correlation Between Age And Crashes

Another factor that can increase the probability of an accident is age. Illuminating studies have found a direct correlation between the age of the driver and car crash rates. One saw ages 21 to 24 having the highest traffic related injury rate per 100,000 population, with this figure even higher for drivers between the ages of 16 and 19. A significant element to this is a lack of experience and responsibility. This can translate not just to behavior behind the wheel, but a lack of general maintenance.

Economic Toll Of Vehicle Negligence

Vehicle negligence is a subtle and disastrous issue. It can manifest as failing to install winter tires when the weather takes a turn for the colder. It can also manifest as failing to change the oil on a regular basis. It’s estimated vehicle negligence costs the country billions in property damages, injuries, and deaths every year. Hiring an attorney is one of the few ways to get to the root of this unseen issue.

Talking With An Accident Attorney

An accident attorney can give you the big picture when everything is feeling narrowed down to the now. The economic toll auto accidents take on the American economy is nearly $250 billion, with much of this blowing back on the victims. When you have medical bills and car insurance to figure out, an attorney can figure out whether or not you’ll be going to trial. Contrary to popular belief, most personal injury cases are actually settled outside the courtroom. The only way to know for sure is to get legal advice from those with experience in the matter.

Ask your attorney about workers’ compensation, drunk driving law, and any other details that can get you back on your feet.

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