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Being a Family Lawyer

Some may think that switching to family law isn’t very interesting. However, there are actually many rewarding parts of the job. The YouTube channel LegalVitae interviews family lawyer Tessa as she details why she switched to family law.

What is Family Law?
Family law is a division of civil law that covers family life.

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This can include marriage, divorce, child custody, and more. Family law is extensive and covers a wide range of branches. Those wanting to switch to family law will work with other agencies such as foster care, paternity law, and even retirement.

Why Switch to Family Law?
Making the switch to family law can be a difficult choice, but it’s very rewarding. Many people believe that they’ll just deal with marriage or divorce, but that’s not true. Lawyers who work in this field will have the chance to make a huge difference in everyone’s lives, including children.

In addition, family lawyers get to have varied tasks, which can be fun as each day is a new journey. On some days, clients will need table negotiations; on others, you must appear in court.

The Bottom Line
Family law can be rewarding, and more lawyers are making the switch. If you or someone you know is unsure about working in family law, there are plenty of opportunities to shadow and practice.

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