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Claiming Disability Are You Eligible?

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A qualified person will be given assistance from a Social Security disability fund, which is determined by need-basis. Here are the 5 things that the department of Social Security looks for when sorting through disability claims.

Working Status

If you have a job, and your earnings average more than a set amount, you will most likely not be able to qualify for disability. This amount changes every year, so be sure to check the annual disability update for the current earnings cut-off. The limit is also based on the age of the applicant.

List of Disabling Conditions

The Social Security department has a list of disabling conditions they will consider for disability benefits. This list describes medical conditions that they believe are severe enough to prevent a person from working, regardless of age, education, or work experience. Your condition must be on this list, or is severe enough as a condition on the list, then you will likely be able to qualify.

Severity of Condition

In order to qualify, your medical condition must be severe enough to significantly limit your ability to do basic work abilities for at least a year. This includes activities such as lifting, standing, walking, sitting, or remembering. However, there are special rules for those who have issues with blindness.

Previous Work

Once the department is through looking at your current status, they will take a look into what happened before the disability developed. If the committee decides that your disability prevents you from any previous work, they are likely to consider you for benefits. However, if they decide that you can still do this work, your claim will most likely be denied.

Ability to Adjust

The department also looks at your ability to do other types of work that aren’t affecting by your disability or impairment. They take many things into consideration, such as age, education, past work experience, and any skills that can be used for work. If the committee decides that there is still work you can do, your claim will be denied.

If your disability claim is denied, there are legal options that you can take. Contact a disability attorney to learn about your options.

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