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Trying to file for a divorce or gain child custody is never an easy process. Figuring the ins and outs of your insurance carrier can take time and many people are unfamiliar with legal fees and how the average attorney network functions. Prepaid legal insurance, however, can make this process smoother. Much like health or home insurance, it guarantees the owner access to a network that can provide you a lawyer or legal advice when you need it. Legal fees are often stressful for the uninitiated and below I’ll detail common legal statistics in the U.S. and how a legal plan can help you in the future.

Legal Statistics In The U.S.

Family attorneys are one of the most oft requested branch of lawyers in the country. Over half of all divorced couples in the United States were without children and women are the most likely to file for a divorce, at two-thirds on average. Drunk driving is a widespread problem, with over a million Americans arrested each year for DUI offenses and many being repeat offenders. Fraud is also a common field for lawyers to undertake, with a recent survey finding as many as 4 million Americans becoming victims of fraudulent weight loss products. No matter the frustrating situation you find yourself in, lawyers are well-equipped to navigate the difficulties and help you come out on top.

Legal Plans For Individuals

The most difficult part can be getting started. When looking for a lawyer, it’s been found that almost half of all respondents of a recent survey were only somewhat likely to check a lawyer’s personal website. Another survey also showed half of respondents were likely to consult websites where lawyers were available for open questions. The field of law can be difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with its workings and prepaid legal insurance is a good option for those that help, not barriers. Whether you live in California, New Jersey or Texas, prepaid legal services can offer you the protection and opportunities you deserve to get your life back on the right track.

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