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Construction Contracts Why Disputes Arise and How to Decrease the Chances

The construction industry is a large industry worth approximately $1,162 billion in 2016. With such a large business, it only makes sense that a variety of problems surround the industry. Some of the most common problems revolve around contracts, and problems with said contracts. Below we discuss why contracts are important and highlight some of the most common contract problems construction lawyers deal with.


A well written contract saves a lot of trouble down the line. Clearly defined expectations should be discussed by all parties and put in writing to be agreed upon. All rights and responsibilities of each and every person involved in the process should be outlined. Incomplete contracts and those that are vague cause more problems which can require a construction lawyer to sort out. In the state of Texas, claims pertaining to a breach of contract have to be filed within four years, unless the contract itself specifically states two instead of four. Including all necessary information in the contract is vital should a dispute arise.


To spare the need to search for lawyers for construction companies the contract should include specific materials that are to be used during the project. These specifications should be adhered to in all aspects of the construction project. When materials are substituted no matter the reason a construction lawyer is typically involved in the dispute.


Contracts should include time for unplanned events during the timeline of completion. Weather delays can cause a project to get set back, and without these delays being planned problems typically arise. Penalties can be assessed due to the delay. Lengthy delays can cause larger issues such as abandonment of a project, which will increase the need for assistance from a construction lawyer.

If a contract dispute arises, the first step should be to contact an experienced construction attorney. If an attorney was involved in the drafting of the contract they will have far more knowledge of the situation. Experienced attorneys offer guidance to remedy disputes that arise related to construction contracts.

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