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Being A Divorce Lawyer

Filing for divorce is common in the United States and depends on a variety of factors. Divorce is caused by a variety of reasons, and can have a number of different outcomes. For instance, if one person out of the couple smokes but the other does not at all, their chance of ultimately getting a divorce is likely to rise by as much as seventy five percent. Divorce also happens due to sheer and simple incompatibility in more than nineteen percent of divorce cases, and drug and alcohol use and abuse will lead to as many as ten percent of all divorces.

Infidelity is also a major cause of divorce in the United States, whether just one person is unfaithful or both parties of the couple are. In fact, infidelity is even currently the number one cause and reason for people to file for divorce in the United States, causing more than thirty percent of all divorces that occur in the time span of just one year in this country. In fact, infidelity is unfortunately so prevalent that counselors and therapists who conduct couples counseling often find that as much as half of their total caseload (around fifty percent in total) will be working with couples suffering after an incident (or prolonged incident) of infidelity. Even when couples due seek therapy for infidelity, divorce papers are still often the end result, sometimes with uncontested divorce forms or even in a contested divorce case.

And divorce becomes all the more complicated when the couple that is divorcing has had children and must figure out what to do about child custody. A divorce lawyer will often have the best interests of the children in the picture at heart, and divorce lawyers will know the ins and outs of child custody laws in your state or region as well as any possible legal trouble. On top of this, lawyers can even help to determine who should get full custody, if this what is being contested and discussed because of legal trouble. For instance, it can be difficult for fathers in the United States to get full custody in the case of a divorce, with only just over twenty percent of fathers able to see their children more than once a week for a wide variety of reasons. In such cases where a father is seeking full custody for hugely valid reasons, family law providers can help such a parent to navigate the legal ins and outs of obtaining that custody even with the odds often stacked against them.

Third party involvement through a law attorney well-versed in legal trouble is also recommended to help to mediate the development of a child custody arrangement and agreement. In fact, in most cases it is even often necessary, with tensions becoming high without it and legal trouble more likely. In total, only around thirty percent – less than thirty percent even – of divorce cases involving child custody are able to be settled completely without the involvement of any third party such as a mediator or even family law providers and legal trouble. And many soon to be separated couples will be looking to avoid a custody evaluation if at all possible. Fortunately, through the aid of a law firm versed in legal trouble, this can be done and only around five percent of all custody cases can only be fully settled once a custody evaluation has ultimately taken place.

Divorce is all too common in the United States and the risk of getting a divorce even will increase with each subsequent marriage that you enter into with a first marriage ending in divorce more than thirty percent of the time. Divorce can be complicated by a number of factors and can last as long as a year, but none more so than by the involvement of minor children, of which one and half million have divorced parents. In such a case where minor children are present as a result of the union, the custody of said children will need to be decided. Sometimes this happens smoothly and without or with very little friction, but this is far from the case in a large number of situations. In such cases, hiring family law providers can help both parties.

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