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Drunk Driving, The Law, and Everything In Between

What to do in the event of a car accident

Most residents and citizens that live in the United States of America completely overlook the dangers that can come along with driving. This is because they are unaware that there are so many car accidents that happen every year that either leaves a victim dead or seriously injured. This is why there are so many people within the world of law that take these types of personal injury cases so seriously.

For the people who need help with the law after a car accident, they can find a personal injury attorney or personal injury lawyer to help them get the right type of compensation. This is essential because injuries can mean that someone will not only miss time away from work which results in a loss of wages, but they will also have to deal with high medical bills that can easily overwhelm them.

People in the world of law work hard on cases that deal with car accidents that are a result of distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving. Anyone involved in this type of car accident should immediately seek out help from a lawyer so that they can get the best results available to them. Here all of the facts that surround driving and the law.

Information has been released by the Department of Justice in the United States. This information revealed that most common personal injury cases will include and involve product liability, medical malpractice, and car accidents. Car accidents are also important in the world of law because across the globe there are over 1.2 million people killed in car accidents every single year.

On roads in the United States, there are almost 6 million car accidents that happen each year and these accidents leave 3 million people injured every single year as well. So understand that almost half of all car accidents that take place in the United States will leave someone seriously injured. As a result, people who work in the field of law are open to these types of cases.

In the year of 2015, data suggests that police officer and law enforcement made over 10,700,000 arrests across the nation. Over half of all personal injury cases will involve a car accident and this is why a lot of people who work in the court of law are open to these types of cases. They are very frequent and can also net a lawyer a good amount of money for their work.

Every two minutes someone is hurt in a drunk driving crash across the United States and on average a drunk driver will get behind the wheel while drunk nearly 80 times before they are ever arrested. Plus, it is important for people to keep in mind that people will drive drunk over 300,000 but less than 4,000 people are ever actually arrested while driving drunk. These are important facts to keep in mind if you are interacting with the law as a result of a drunk driving caused car accident.

In Conclusion

Right now in the United States, only 5% of all personal injury cases will ever actually go to trial and the rest of these cases will be settled out of court. This is another reason as to why lawyers and attorneys are open to these types of cases. When cases are settled outside of the court then that means that there is a settlement involved. When there is a settlement at the end of court cases it means that someone is going to be paid a good amount of money as a result of the damage done to them that brought them to the court to begin with.

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