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How to Deal with a DUI

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Driving under the influence is a very serious offense. Even if this is your first time, DUI laws are very clear about the consequences that will incur because of drunk driving. If you caused an accident you may need to hire a car accident attorney to represent you in court. The truth is, you deserve to pay the consequences. That is the harsh truth. But, if it really is the first time and you simply made a mistake then there are a few things that your car accident lawyer may be able to do for you if he or she is familiar with DUI laws. Here are a few ideas.

Car Starter Breathalyzer
Your insurance is going to sky rocket. The only way to get around that is to talk to your insurance provider about installing a breathalyzer in your car. This is a machine that you breathe into before you start your car, every time. It will ensure that you are not driving drunk again. You may also need to breathe into the machine if your car has been standing idle for some time. You are responsible for the cost of the machine and installation and maintenance but after the year or so that the breathalyzer is on your car, your insurance should go down and it will look very good on your record that you were willing to have something like that installed.

Community Service
DUI’s almost always incur fines and jail time. However, if you cannot afford the fines and don’t want to go to jail, provided that this is your first offense, you may be able to plead down to community service. There are various options for community service. You may be told what you are going to and for how many hours or you may be allowed to choose your own or they might give you several options. Whatever you end up doing, make sure you show up on time and complete your required number of hours otherwise you will end up back in court, facing worse charges that before.

Lowered Fines
Again, provided that this is your first offense of a DUI, you may be able to request lowered fees. You will likely be given a certain amount in the beginning but your lawyer might be able to contest it. Either that or you might be allowed to pay on a monthly basis so that you don’t owe everything in one chunk. DUI fines are quite hefty so if you choose the monthly option, realize that you may be paying the courts for the next couple of years before it’s all paid off.

Less Jail Time
If it’s your first offense you likely won’t need to spend more than one night in jail, if any at all. However, second and thirds offenses are not let off so lightly. Along with other consequences, you will probably be sentenced to some sort of jail time. As with the fines issue, you lawyer may be able to negotiate a shorter sentence but don’t expect to be let off completely.

A Restricted License
Most of the time, having a DUI will suspend your license for a period of time. If you need your car to get to work in order to pay off DUI fines, you may be able to request a restricted license that allows you to travel from your home to work and back each day and that is all.

At the end of the day, the consequences you pay need to match the actions that you made. However, the more willing you are to do what you need to do to right your wrongs, the more the judge is going to be a little more compassionate. This is only true of your first offense. DUI laws are much stricter if it is your second or third offense. If you are awaiting trial for your DUI offense, talk with your lawyer about the things that can be done and see if any of the above suggestions are an option for you. DUI laws are quite specific about consequences if there has been some sort of injury but if you are lucky enough to have not caused injury to anyone, then you may be able to work something out more easily.

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