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Are You Filing For A Divorce Or Child Custody? Contact A Family Lawyer

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It’s easy to go through life thinking you won’t need the aid of an attorney. Surely nothing so extreme will happen that you’ll need someone to assist with legal navigation, fees and consultation? The fact of the matter, unfortunately, is that an aggressive attorney can often be the major element in-between you and significant stress when a troublesome event does occur. From filing for a divorce to creating a will, there are a plethora of reasons to seek out a lawyer’s skill set. Below are some of the most common reasons as well as little-known statistics, all the better to get you off on the right track when contacting an attorney.


Marriage is incredibly common in the United States, though for how long is up in the air. While millions of people get married every single year, divorce rates have started to rise over the past few decades. Psychologists and anthropologists alike have attested this change to economic developments and shifting cultural attitudes, among others. The probability of a first marriage ending after 10 years is around 33%, with the probability of a first marriage ending in separation or divorce after five years is at 20%.


Did you know over one million parents divorce every year? If you’re thinking of filing for a divorce or simply want to know more about your options, contacting a divorce attorney should be one of your first steps. Over 10% of the American population is divorced, creating one of the most common legal issues around. The vast majority of divorce cases, at more than 95%, reach an out-of-court settlement agreement with little trouble.


A frequent side-effect of divorce is that of child custody. More than two-thirds of couples who chose mediated divorce said they were satisfied witht he legal outcome — in 80% of cases, the decision to divorce is unilateral. This means one party wants the divorce and the other does not, often requiring a lawyer to step in and assist with everything from child custody to child support.


Unfortunately, many Americans have not yet filed for a will. Surveys have been conducted to analyze this trend — over 55% of respondents said they ‘haven’t gotten around to it yet’, with others believing they don’t need one. A will, living will and durable power of attorney are the three most important documents an individual can possess according to Business Insider. If you haven’t written up a will yet, remember they can be drafted in less than 15 minutes.

Choosing An Attorney

Whether you want to file for a divorce, seek out child custody or write up a will, an attorney can help you with all things legal. They will assist with gathering relevant information, assessing your current budget and filing paperwork. A complicated will can take up to two years to probate, while a simple one can take around six months — said probate will typically entail fees of around 2% or 3%. Worried about a given legal issue? With a law attorney on your side, you’ll have nothing to fear.

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