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It Happens If it Does, Hire a DUI Lawyer

Criminal sentencing

Getting charged with even a minor crime can have devastating effects. Besides the emotional and social aspects of legal troubles, the legal system itself can be confusing, but hiring a criminal law attorney can change one of the most stressful situations into an easy one.

Driving under the influence happens.

You never think it’s going to be you until it’s actually happened. In the United States, driving with a blood alcohol content (B.A.C.) of .08 or more is driving under the influence. You can be charged with DUI with a B.A.C. of as little as .01 if you’re under 21.

Criminal law attorneys can help you avoid jail time.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI but don’t look good in orange, and you like to enjoy some sunshine you definitely need to hire a criminal law attorney. You can spend as few as four days but up to six months in jail as a first time DUI offender, depending on what is found in court, and you can spend up to a year as a second time offender. DUI defense can help you avoid not only an unflattering outfit, but help you to keep your freedom.

Criminal law attorneys can help you save money and your reputation.

Criminal charges are things we all want to avoid. Not only do they come with consequences such as jail time, they can be very expensive and come with pricey fees and fines. A good criminal defense lawyer can help you significantly reduce the fines and charges or fees set against you.

If you’ve been found driving under the influence, a good DUI defense lawyer is a worthwhile investment. DUI can happen to almost anyone, and a criminal law attorney can help keep you out of jail and keep your money in your bank account.

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