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Three Things You Should Do Before and After Finding a Good Traffic Attorney for Your Case

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Have you had a traffic violation recently? Whether it was your first speeding ticket or something more serious like a DWI or DUI, you know that finding a good traffic attorney who will take your case can be a difficult task. In order to prepare to fight your case in court, you have many steps to take as you look for and work with a defense lawyer.

If you’re in the process of finding a good traffic attorney to help defend you or reduce your penalties, here is what you can do to prepare yourself before your case.

    1. Comply with the law. When you get pulled over during a traffic stop, the officer who issues the citation or arrests you will give you specific instructions and let you know what you’re being charged with. It’s best not to resist arrest or engage in any other risky behavior during this process. The officer may also let you know whether or not your license would be revoked or what penalties you might face. Many people wonder, “Can I drive after a DWI or DUI?” and the answer is usually “no.” Check the laws in your state to find out if you have to do anything else with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (such as turn in your plates).
    2. Research previous cases. Look into how other cases in your county or town have gone. You should be able to see how to fight a DWI charge or how to get a ticket reduced based on public records. If you are working with a criminal defense lawyer at this time, you should be able to find out how he or she has defended previous cases. Note that each case is different, however, so your outcome won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s.
    3. Understand the consequences. When it comes to traffic tickets and driving while intoxicated, there isn’t one specific outcome every time. Each case’s verdict depends upon many different factors. When you go to defend yourself, be aware of the minimum and maximum penalties for your charge, so there won’t be any surprises later if your defense is unsuccessful.

Finding a good traffic attorney takes time, so don’t just pick the first name in the phone book. Also, each case is different, so speaking to a lawyer can help get you the most accurate information about your charges. Have more questions? Contact an attorney, and leave a comment below, too. For more about this, go here.

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