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Police Misconduct How to Get the Help You Need

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Make no mistake the police force plays a vital and unmatchable role in keeping America safe. Most police officers are hard working honorable men and women who believe in their commitment to protect and serve. Sadly, though police misconduct has increasingly been brought into the limelight as some of those meant to protect and serve us choose instead to do the opposite. In such circumstances a police misconduct attorney can help you navigate the often intimidating and complex process of seeing justice done.

Being a police officer is a dangerous business, of course, and it is difficult to make the right decision in many circumstances. In fact in 2013, nearly 50,000 police officers were assaulted in the line of duty, putting the injury rate at 29.2 percent, according to the FBI. There were 27 police murders in the same year. However, while police can and should defend themselves, cases of police misconduct and police brutality seem to be increasing.

According to a report by the Guardian, roughly three people per day were killed by police between 1 January and 31 May 2015. The Guardian also estimated that 102 unarmed citizens were killed by police by all means in 2015, although the Washington Post’s report put that same figure at at 49, but that only accounted for police shootings. Eight children under 18 were shot by the police in 2015 according to the Washington Post. As a point of comparison, medical errors or negligence result in 100,000 deaths per year. High profile cases of brutality and shootings of unarmed suspects have made many Americans wary of interacting with the police and viral videos have showed families, especially black families, teaching their children how to avoid being killed by the police if stopped. Only one percent of cases of police misconduct result in officers being charged.

Police brutality attorneys specialize in helping victims of police misconduct and brutality obtain closure and seek justice. The problem is compounded by lack of information, a confusing process for reporting misconduct, and a tendency for the media to blame the victim. However, increasing coverage of use of excessive force and other examples of police brutality and misconduct, and access to police misconduct attorneys, as well as several projects seeking to identify and report on such cases have brought the issue to greater attention. Police misconduct attorneys can assist with claims relating to deliberate indifference cases, failure to train, police brutality and related issues.

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