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5 Things Every Good Lawyer Should Have

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If you are in need of an lawyer, be it a malpractice attorney or education attorney or even wrongful termination or any other kind of professional attorney, there are certain things that you want to make sure are in place. If you’ve never had need of a lawyer before, you probably are wondering what you should be looking for in one. Sure, you’ve seen all the TV shows having to do with law and courtrooms but they really do not depict what you should be looking for in a personal lawyer. Here are a few tips on things to look out for.

Listening Skills
It doesn’t matter if you are talking to a malpractice attorney or criminal defense lawyer, all lawyers should have the ability to listen. That is the only way that they are going to find out about your case. If you are talking to a lawyer who is constantly trying to finish your sentences, cut you off and interrupt you, you should probably move on to another lawyer. This is a lawyer who is too arrogant to realize that there’s a chance that there may be a situation that he has not encountered before. A good lawyer understands that while he may think he has been through this case before, there may be some details that make it somewhat different from the rest.

Previous Experience
Especially if you are looking for a malpractice attorney or some sort of personal injury attorney, you want to make sure that you are not just using a general lawyer. Finding a lawyer that has been through and won cases like yours before is important. It’s best if the lawyer already has knowledge of the field and experience in handling cases like yours. This makes it a lot easier for the attorney to be able to expedite your case and have the confidence to know what he or she is talking about should the case come before a judge. Judges and juries do not have time for lawyers who are fumbling their way through a case without any previous knowledge, experience or research.

Workable Prices
Attorneys can be very expensive and you need to know what you are getting into before you settle on which lawyer you are going to use. Prices will depend on the firm, the lawyer, the case and many other variables. There are also different ways to do the pricing. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others won’t insist on payment until the case is won. There are also firms that have to do a certain number of pro bono cases which means they volunteer their time and work for free. Of course, this is not ideal for lawyers so being able to work about a payment plan of some sort is a better idea.

Non-Judgmental Attitude
It’s very important for a lawyer not to put there own spin on things. If you are getting the feeling that your lawyer thinks you are guilty and is therefore not doing as much as they could for you, you need to find a new lawyer. For example, in a malpractice case, if your malpractice attorney is acting like you are being dramatic or over exaggerating the situation, then they are not the lawyer for you. You need a lawyer that is in your corner and on your side at all times not matter how the odds look. This is the only way that you will be able to convince a judge and jury of your case. If your lawyer doesn’t believe in you, you can guarantee that no one else will either.

Process Knowledge
It’s a long and expensive road when you have to hire an attorney to help you through a case but it’s worth it. Lawyers are there for more than just advice. Being able to speak on your behalf, file the correct papers to the right places in appropriate timing is all crucial to the process. A good lawyer knows the process and knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently to save you as much time and money and heartache as possible.

You may hate the process going through it, but once you are done, you will be glad you hired the right lawyer.

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