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Should Contractors Hire a Lawyer to Look Over Their Contracts?

It’s no surprise contractors need to protect themselves on the job. Construction work can be notoriously dangerous due to the heavy machinery and tight time schedules. On-the-job safety is a top priority to keep workers safe. However, contractors must remember the importance of safety in contracts as well.

A reliable construction law firm can be a major asset during negotiations. Lawyers who specialize in construction law are aware of their business assets. Contractors could find they are more secure legally when they have a close working relationship with a construction law firm.

It’s the Details That Make the Difference: Phrasing In Contracts.

If there is a legal dispute over the completion of a construction job, the contract between the two parties will be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb. The shortest phrases can mean vastly different things in legalese. A trusted construction law firm can be invaluable when reviewing contracts before they are signed.

Taking Extra Time During the Beginning Stages Can Avoid Mishaps Later.

The U.S. construction market in 2016 was worth just over $1.16 billion. The money in construction work adds quite a bit of urgency to finishing jobs on time. Problems often arise when workers are encouraged to work faster during long hours on the job. Construction companies need to be aware of the potential fallout if an accident occurs.

A conversation in which the construction company’s lawyer clearly and explicitly outlines the contract’s indemnity provisions could clarify where the line is when it comes to liability. Some actions could be construed as a form of negligence later on should an accident occur.

The Legal Ramifications of Damage to People and Property.

A construction accident on October 21, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts where two workers drowned in an accidental trench flooding brought forth a new consideration in contracting. The company had charges of manslaughter brought against them by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Reports of pushing workers to finish a job that was running behind schedule gave credence to a push for criminal charges for possible culpable negligence.

Lawyers For Construction Companies Need to Form Strong Business Ties.

Construction companies would do well to have a strong relationship with a construction law firm. While an attorney who specializes in construction contracts is an asset in general, it is beneficial to both parties to have an ongoing working relationship. The construction company has a go-to attorney to review their contracts, and the attorney is able to perform more efficiently and effectively. Both companies know how the other operates, and overtime the risk of miscommunication is minimized.

The American Arbitration Association says the smallest case they have ever resolved was just $23,000, yet the largest case was $232 million and resolved with one arbitrator. Risk management, and its resulting phrasing in contracts, plays an enormous role in disputes. Reviewing contracts should be undertaken by a construction law firm the contractor trusts implicitly.

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