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The Facts About DUI Charges in the State of Ohio

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If you are pulled over while driving intoxicated, the laws differ depending on which state you are in. The state of Ohio refers to what is known as state DUI laws as OVI laws–standing for “operating a vehicle under the influence”. If you are ever pulled over for driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, it is important to find a good lawyer to represent you. However, it is also important to understand the laws and your rights. Here are some of the facts so you can stay informed about the DUI laws in Ohio.

Challenge Test Results

In Ohio, if you find a good lawyer, you may be able to challenge the results in court even if you submitted to a blood alcohol content test. If your DUI attorney can prove that the blood, breath, or urine alcohol content test was administered improperly, the test results may be inadmissible in court.

Implied Consent

The state of Ohio has an implied consent law. This law states that if you refuse to take a blood, breath or urine test, your license will be automatically suspended and you will also be fined.

License Suspension

A DUI conviction may result in having your license suspended. The time-frame for the suspension can be anywhere between six months to three years. If you find a good lawyer to act as your criminal defense attorney, he or she will help to keep your license suspension as short as possible. If you are a first-time offender, you may get up to six points on your license.

Probable Cause

If you are pulled over, the officer must have probable cause. For example, there must be documented evidence that you were driving erratically, swerving, ran a red light or had witnesses confirm suspicious driving behavior. If your criminal DUI attorney determines that the officer didn’t have probable cause to pull you over, this can help your defense substantially.

Numbers of DUI Charges

DUI charges affect a significant amount of drivers. Out of every seven licensed drivers in New Jersey, about one of them has at least one conviction for driving while impaired. That adds up to over one million people!


Once convicted of a DUI in Ohio, you may have to pay a fine between $250 and $1,000. First time offenders also often have to pay a fee to reinstate their license of $450. A good defense attorney can help limit the fines you are subject to pay.

Criminal Record

Once convicted with a DUI, you will have a criminal record. A criminal record can change your entire life from things like limiting your employment opportunities and ability to take out loans. If there is any chance of avoiding a criminal record, find the best DUI attorney you can so your opportunities will not be severely diminished.

Jail Time

Upon being convicted with a DUI in the state of Ohio, you may be required to spend anywhere between three days and six months in jail.

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