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Is There a Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents? Find Out About These Crucial Deadlines

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If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, you probably know that you need to report that crash to the police right away. As long as you are not seriously injured, you should be able to give your testimony for an accident report. In the event that you are hurt, though, you would still be given ample time to tell your side of the story in most states.

For any in depth questions about the statute of limitations on car accidents, it’s best to contact an auto accident attorney to find out what you need to do and when it should be completed. Here is a breakdown of some common questions regarding the statute of limitations on auto accidents.

What is a statute of limitations?

In terms of offenses, a statute of limitations can dictate for how long you can be charged with a crime. With car accidents, however, the idea is a bit different. A statute of limitations is a time limit that you have to report an accident to the police and your insurance company, and it may also set a deadline for when you need to work with an attorney.

Is there a statute of limitations for car accidents?

Yes, however, these limits can often vary state by state. In many cases, there will be two different statutes: one for personal injury litigation and one for property damage. You can ask your personal injury attorney if one or both will apply to you.

Why is there a statute of limitations for car accidents?

A statute of limitations is put into place in order to make sure that justice is served swiftly. However, it also serves a more practical purpose. It’s easy to forget details about a car accident over time, so a statute of limitations forces you to file your claims as soon as possible. This also ensures that witnesses are still around and can remember details, as well.

Is there a statute of limitations for car accidents in your state?

All states have different statutes of limitations, but virtually all will have some kind in place. These limits typically last at least a year or two, and in some states they can be as long as five years. However, just because a deadline is set several years from now doesn’t mean you should delay your litigation. Work with the best personal injury attorneys you can find to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Do you have more questions about the statute of limitations or other legal issues pertaining to car accidents? Leave a comment below. Find out more here. Read more like this.

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