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The Role Negligence Plays in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in the United States, sometimes ending in serious injuries and other times fatalities. Many of these cases end in a variety of damages, which a defendant could owe to you when they have participated in negligent acts. Everybody who utilizes the roadways must abide by a standard duty of care, which means that you and others should always follow the rules of the road to keep others safe under your hand. Negligence occurs when a driver acts in a reckless manner, which leads to accidents and injuries. We understand these serious injuries can have a huge, lasting impact on your life and want to help you in your dire time of need.

Various Types of Accidents Involving Vehicles

Motor vehicle accidents are not limited to the everyday vehicle-on-vehicle accidents you may hear about. Sometimes, they involve motorcycles and vehicles, or vehicles and pedestrians. Negligence takes on many forms and can happen for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may hear about distracted driving cases all the time, one of the most popular being texting and driving. Though the use of handheld devices has decreased in 2016, these accidents still occur every day because drivers take their focus off the roads. In other cases, drunk driving may have been the negligence at play. In fact, in 2015, over 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. In about 16% of all motor vehicle accidents, drugs other than alcohol were involved, both legal and illegal.

A Car Accident Attorney You Can Trust… But We Don’t Stop There

We handle a variety of cases, not just car accident cases. From truck accidents to workplace injuries, we understand that there is a need for a person injury attorney for any injury you may sustain in your life that was the fault of another. Has somebody failed to stop at a stop sign or abide by the rules of the road in the most negligent manner? Did somebody hit you while you were on foot crossing a street and they kept driving? Did a truck driver disobey federal regulations and now you have an injury due to his mistake? These are some of the reasons why you may need a personal injury attorney on your side. Don’t give up on your case. Call the experts.

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