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What Divorce Lawyers Really Want to Tell Their Clients But Usually Don’t

What do family lawyers do

There’s no doubt about it ? the divorce process can be extremely stressful for all parties involved, including divorce lawyers. After all, there’s so much riding on the line in a divorce and lawyers face a great deal of responsibility in representing their clients to the best of their ability. No pressure, right? Wrong!

Divorce and family lawyers are often juggling multiple cases and clients simultaneously, with each case having its own set of complexities and nuances. Although divorce attorneys are more than equipped to manage their workload, having their clients’ support can ensure a smoother divorce process for all involved. Here are a few things divorce lawyers wish their clients knew the process:

You will be billed for phone calls

Surprised by a hefty legal bill at the end of a month? If you made a series of phone calls to your divorce attorney, then that may be the reason why. The majority of attorneys charge clients on a hourly basis, and you can find the details of how you will be billed in your retainer agreement. Simply put: every time you use your attorney’s time you will pay for it.

Divorce attorneys are happy to give divorce advice to their clients, but they are replacements for professional counseling or therapy. This is not to say that divorce attorneys are not compassionate or sensitive to their clients’ needs, however keep in mind that calling to vent to your attorney will cost you.

Get organized

Help your attorney help you by honestly sharing any and all information related to your divorce ? yes, even the uncomfortable bits. Divorce lawyers can only work with the information you share, and concealed information can come back to bite you later. In addition to sharing pertinent information, one of the best ways to you help your divorce lawyer is to stay organized. Do you have your financial and tax information organized? Arriving prepared with this information and staying organized throughout the process will expedite the entire process and lower your legal bills.

Listen to their advice

When divorce lawyers give advice, it’s best to follow it to a “t” without question or complaint. That’s not to say that it’s wrong to ask questions, but don’t be stubborn when it comes to listening to your divorce lawyer. After years of education and experience, it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing. Sure, it would feel great to clapback at your soon-to-be-ex spouse on social media, but it likely won’t help your case. You can avoid a great deal of personal, financial, and legal stress by following your lawyer’s advice. Remember, they’re on your side.

The end of a marriage is a challenge in a number of ways, however doing your part to support your divorce lawyer can make the process easier than you expected!

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