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What is a Restraining Order? And Other Legal Questions

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The law, while clear to some, can be extremely confusing to the layman. What is a restraining order? What is a criminal defense lawyer? There’s a lot of terminology and loopholes in laws that it’s nearly impossible to keep everything straight. Many people barely know how to find an attorney, let alone how to choose an attorney for their particular case.
What’s the difference between first degree robbery and second degree robbery? Second degree robbery is typically committed with an accomplice present, and may or may not involve a weapon. In some states, such as California, second degree robbery is punishable by 2 to 5 years in prison, depending on the severity. A robbery is elevated to first degree typically when serious, or even deadly, force is used. If the perpetrator is armed with a deadly weapon (such as a firearm), they may also be charged with first degree robbery. In California, first degree robbery is punishable by between 3 and 9 years, again depending on the severity of the crime.
What is a restraining order? Restraining orders are orders given by courts to protect individuals — or, in some cases, the general public — from an offender. The order may come as the result of sexual abuse, physical abuse, harassment, stalking, et cetera. Restraining orders typically require the offender to remain a certain distance — determined by the court — from the person who filed. The filer can also request to prohibit all forms of contact, such as telephone calls or mail, as well. Most age groups can file for a restraining order, and in some cases, an order can be filed on someone’s behalf. An elder abuse restraining order, for example, can be filed to protect a person that’s over the age of 65 that’s being potentially abused or threatened.
What is a criminal defense lawyer? This is a topic that confuses many. Is a criminal defense layer a person that defends victims of a criminal, or a person who defends those accused of criminal actions? The answer, as it turns out, is the latter. Criminal defense lawyers primarily deal with arrests, criminal charges, appeals, sentencing, and the like. Even though criminal defense is in itself a specialized form of law, they usually have further specializations that will help you choose a criminal lawyer. Some, for example, will specialize in DUI, some in gang violence, and others in violent crimes.
Law can be confusing, and this barely scratches the surface. Questions like “what is a restraining order?” are far more in-depth than what was mentioned here. It’s best to find a law professional and have them explain the intricacies of whatever questions you may have.

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