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Why Red Lights and Speed Limits Are the Actual Worst

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As far as traffic violations go, traffic light violations and speeding tickets tend to be the most common offenses that drivers face — and luckily, unless there are exacerbating circumstances (like driving under the influence or putting another person’s life in danger), these violations are usually considered misdemeanor traffic offenses. They often result in a fine and one or two points added to your driver’s license, but serious infractions and repeated offenses could result in a reduction of driving privileges, a suspension of your license, or even a short jail sentence.

Red light violations are often caught using cameras that are posted near the street lights. These cameras are perfectly positioned to capture as many details as possible — everything from your license plate number to the red-colored light — in order to prove that you’ve committed a traffic light violation. It can be pretty difficult to contest red light camera tickets simply because the court has so much evidence against you, and most people will just pay the required fine rather than taking the case to court.

Speeding tickets, on the other hand, are a little more difficult to pin down. Many states permit the use of speeding cameras, which work similar to red light cameras in terms of details, but these cameras are also able to note that speed violation. Regardless of whether or not your state permits these cameras, you’ve certainly seen police cars sitting on the side of the road with speed monitoring devices — and those are definitely legal in every state.

The seriousness of a speeding ticket is usually determined by how many miles-per-hour (mph) you were driving over the speed limit, and if the violation occurred in an area where speeding would put other people at risk for serious injuries. Speeding violations may be exacerbated in certain marked areas as well, such as school zones or construction zones, and the penalties for speeding in these areas will be markedly higher.

Like all traffic violations, each of these laws and penalties are determined according to state legislature, and if you break a traffic law while driving in a state other than the one in which you reside, you’ll be held accountable according to the laws in the state where the violation occurred.

It’s also important to remember that a simple traffic light violation or speeding ticket may seem harmless initially, but you’ll confront harsher penalties later on if you become a repeat offender. Hiring a lawyer may not be necessary for your first or second offense, but if you feel that you’ve been wrongly charged with a traffic violation or if you’re dealing with multiple violations, you should never hesitate to call a traffic violations attorney. References.

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