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Questions for Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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When most people think of “personal injury lawsuits”, they probably think of lawsuits relating to accidents at work. However, in today’s world, personal injury cases could surround a variety of accidents. For example, according to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), amusement park accidents lead to around 7,000 injuries every year. Medical errors, according to the Institute of Medicine, can result in as many as 100,000 deaths every year. These are just two examples of the many incidents that might lead to the need for legal representation If you find yourself in the position to make a claim, here are some questions to ask a personal injury lawyer:

1. Have you had a case like mine before and how did you handle it?
Only 4 to 5 percent of personal injury cases in the U.S. even go to trial. The best lawyers will have probably settled cases like yours in the past. You want to make sure your lawyer has experience in the area and a solid plan going in.

2. Can I get a reference from past clients?
According to, many jurisdictions now allow lawyers to provide references from past clients. This could be extremely helpful when you’re looking to find an attorney.

If the case does go to trial…

3. How long will the trial take (approximately)?
Your lawyer can’t know for sure how long the trial will take but they should be able to give a rough estimate based on their previous cases.

If you can think of any other questions to ask a personal injury lawyer when you first meet them, don’t hesitate to ask. Medical bills and funeral costs can be very steep so it’s important to weight the financial impact a lawsuit could have on you and your family. It could also be mentally and emotionally taxing. It is going to make your life a lot easier if you have an attorney who knows what they’re doing and has your best interest at heart.

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