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Calling a DUI Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Options After an Arrest

To say that the last 18 months have been a challenge, would be an understatement. In fact, this last year and half has tested everything that you thought you knew. These months have challenged your marriage. Your role as a parent. Your understanding of trust and truth.

The latest incident that has stopped you in your tracks was when you got the call that your son had finally been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). It should not have come as a surprise, but you were still scared. You wondered what you should do first. Call a DUI attorney to meet you at the jail? Call your husband and see if he wanted to make the call to find a DUI attorney? Call your two other sons to warn them yet again about the dangers of alcohol and to remind them of the waste that their older brother was making of his life?
In the end, you called your husband and he contacted a local DUI law firm. Your husband met the attorney and your son at the station. You sat at home and cried.

Difficult Situations Often Require Legal Advice

There are many times in life when the reality of the problems you face are too much to handle on your own. When you have an adult child who is struggling with alcoholism who has recently been arrested for DUI, it might be time to seek the advice of a legal attorney. If, for instance, you can get a court appointed rehabilitation judgement you might have one more arsenal that you need to tackle what seems like an unsolvable situation.

Criminal defense attorneys and DUI law offices may be able to offer a family more than just legal advice. They may also have information about other available resources that can help families deal with their worst nightmares. And while every legal adviser has to first and foremost deal with the legal ramifications of the case, they also often have ideas about additional resources that might be of some assistance.

If you are the parent of a your driver who has been charged with a DUI offense, you may find yourself even more in need of legal advice. Did you know that 10% of licensed drivers are under 21, but are responsible for 17% of fatal alcohol-related crashes? If you are a parent who is fortunate enough to be dealing with a non-injury DUI offense you should consider yourself lucky. For while the arrest itself is scary, an accident that involves the injury or death of another driver or passenger is tragic.

Getting the legal advice that you need sooner rather than later is always in your best interest. DUI attorney have more of a chance to be of assistance the sooner that you call them. The frightening fact is that the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before the first arrest. Catching a problem before the results involve an injury or a death is at least an opportunity to find some hope in the future.

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