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Do You Have A DUI? What You Need To Do Next!

Dui attorney

Are you or one of your family members currently in need of an attorney? Have you gotten a speeding ticket or been charged with driving under the influence and now need legal help defending yourself in court? Well do not despair, help is closer than you realize.

DUI Offenses

If you have received a DUI charge, you are far from alone. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over 29 million individuals have admitted to driving while intoxicated over this past year.

A large number of people, 4,000 to be exact, are arrested for drunk driving each day. This is a truly sizeable amount.

Another study done by the NHTSA, shows that on average a person drives drunk 80 times before they are caught by law enforcement. But this may not always be the case.

Unfortunately even the best, most cautious of drivers make mistakes at times. These mistakes should not carry with you the rest of your life. But what can be done if you are not familiar with DUI laws?

It is time for you to get help from someone that does know DUI laws. It is time to put yourself in the capable hands of a criminal defense attorney.

You have a life and a family that you need to protect, but there is no need for you to go at this alone. Attorneys are well versed in DUI laws and can give you the advice, support, and direction that you so desperately need at this difficult time.

Traffic Infractions

Have you received a traffic ticket recently? This is far from an uncommon occurrence. In this year alone 1 in 5 drivers will get a speeding ticket, according to NHTSA. This averages to 41 million people a year.

Every year well over $6 million is paid in fines for traffic tickets, an absolutely astonishing amount. However a meager 5% of these speeding tickets are ever contested in traffic court.

Fighting a traffic ticket is your right. It is your right to have an experienced attorney by your side fighting for you.

In summation, if you have a DUI you have a lot at stake, and it is your right to fight it. But, you need to have someone that is knowledgeable in DUI laws on your side!

If you have a traffic ticket, getting a traffic ticket lawyer can provide you just the help you need!

Whatever your situation may be there is no need to face it alone, get help from someone that is qualified and seasoned in the field!

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