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Personal Injury Lawsuits Do You Have A Case?

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What is “personal injury”? You’ve likely heard the phrase on a commercial, or perhaps in your favorite procedural show. But many of us don’t know what personal injury lawyers do, or when we should contact personal injury law firms to help us in real life. The fact is that anyone can contact a personal injury lawyer, because anyone can potentially become the plaintiff in a personal injury case. Thousands of people are affected by incidents that fall under the umbrella of “personal injury”, and many feel as if they can’t act because they are shamed into silence, or convinced that what happened to them is normal. For example, some people get into car accidents, and are told to move on because accidents happen. The reality is that in many cases, car accidents happen because someone made a mistake — a mistake that they can and should be held accountable for. Whether from the driver of the car, a careless mechanic, or a faulty manufacturer, you can seek compensation that can help pay for everything from medical bills to lost wages. But it’s important to know that you should only do so with the help of a law firm experienced with regard to personal injury cases.

When Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Some people feel as if personal injury lawsuits are overreactions. People often reach out to personal injury law firms, however, after they or someone they love is literally injured in some way. In fact, five of the most common types of personal injury cases in America are auto accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, and wrongful death claims. If you feel at all that you have an issue that might become a personal injury case, it’s imperative to reach out to a reputable law firm as soon as possible. The sooner a lawyer begins working on your case, the more likely you’ll be to win it or get the settlement you deserve. This is because the evidence in personal injury cases can quickly become difficult for lawyers to obtain, and all of it is crucial to your case. Of course, if it has been a while since your incident happened, that doesn’t mean that your case is beyond a lawyer’s capabilities — merely that it becomes more difficult to argue. If you feel that you or someone you love was wrongfully injured and are having difficulty with things like bills or even future circumstances due to the incident, get in touch with a lawyer.

What Are Slip And Fall Cases?

Perhaps some of the most commonly-known types of personal injury cases are slip and fall cases. These involve a person getting hurt due to unsafe environments — often at work. The term “slip and fall” downplays exactly how serious these injuries can be. Some people literally slip and fall because of something as simple as a wet floor. Other fall from great heights because their workplaces weren’t utilizing proper safety protocols. All in all, 22% of slip and fall injuries result in a person missing more than 31 days from work; this means that you’re missing out on a month’s pay, which can be a severe financial setback for many people. Some find themselves permanently disabled by such accidents, and therefore need to seek compensation from the responsible party simply so that they can continue living comfortably.

How Are Auto Accidents Personal Injury Cases?

It’s true that some car accidents are just that: accidents. But many actually result from people making serious mistakes, such as driving drunk or driving recklessly. When this is taken into account, it’s no wonder that there are three million people inured in car accidents on American roads each year. For many people who seek personal injury cases after car accidents, it’s not just about taking care of medical bills — it’s about making a point regarding road safety and the issues — like drunk or distracted driving — that contribute to these terrible accidents.

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