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How and Why to Hire an Employment Lawyer for Disability Discrimination

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Despite the laws, rules and regulations that have been put in place to protect workers from discrimination, it happens all too often. Employees face discrimination based on their gender, sexual orientation, age, race and religion. Nearly 12% of all workers in the United States admitted that they had personally witnessed some form or discrimination at their job in 2013, according to a National Business Ethics Survey. When people see wrongdoing, including discrimination, 45% say they have, many do not report it because they worry about retaliation from their employer or supervisor. At least 22% of people who saw some wrongdoing and reported it, say they were retaliated against, according to the same survey. If you are disabled and have faced discrimination, you should talk to an employment attorney who specializes in Cincinnati disability discrimination cases.

Why People Hire Attorneys Who Handle Employment Discrimination Cases

There are attorneys who specialize in employment discrimination law. They handle cases of harassment in the workplace, issues dealing with benefits and wages, health and safety at work, wrongful termination, family and medical leave problems and any kind of discrimination. If an employer has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), for instance, an employee may file a claim. That may result in litigation and that is only one of the areas where a Cincinnati disability discrimination lawyer can help.

On the flip side, if a company needs to downsize or deal with misconduct by an employee, they may seek out help from an employment lawyer to make sure they are doing everything they need to do to comply with all federal, state and local laws. Only 21 states have laws that protect members of the LGBTQ community from discrimination at work, for instance. These laws, rules and regulations are somewhat fluid so getting feedback from an employment lawyer whenever a company needs to deal with these issues is always a good idea.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of discrimination at work, talking to an employment discrimination attorney can give you an idea if you have a case. This person can advise you about what your next steps should be and protect you from any further discrimination at work. Not every problem people have at work is one that rises to the level when employment discrimination attorneys need to get involved, any violations of the ADA do.

Things to Look for When Talking to Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Attorneys who specialize in employment law deal with a wide variety of issues. There are many things that can wrong with any employee/employer relationship. There are breaches of contract, confidentiality problems severance issues, to name just a few. When you are talking to lawyers, you need one that has experience dealing with your kind of employment law case. If you are in Ohio and feel your employer has violated the ADA, you want a Cincinnati disability discrimination expert. The attorneys who spend all of their time on contract negotiations may not be able to help you with your employment discrimination lawsuit.

There are a lot of laws that govern discrimination in the workplace. On the federal level, you have the ADA, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and others. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was set up to help employees deal with a variety of problems they face in the workplace. At the local and state level, the laws that govern employment discrimination and other issues change all of the time. You need to make sure the employment discrimination attorney you hire is totally up to date on the changes in these laws.

You should also understand the law practice’s billing policy and structure. Good and reputable law firms will be completely transparent in how they bill clients, if you have any trouble getting this information, you need to seek out a different law firm and attorney.

No one ever wants to need an employment discrimination law expert and that includes needing a Cincinnati disability discrimination attorney. We all want to be judged on our work product and character not our disability or other aspect of who we are.

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