Why Aaron Carter’s Car Crash is a Lesson For Us All

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Aaron Carter may be back in the music business, according to his latest tweet. Whether it’s possible to come back 14 years after a one-hit wonder remains to be seen — for many of his fans, though, the most shocking news wasn’t a decade-long bounce back, but the announcement that Carter suffered a major collision with his prized BMW.

“Life is really so precious, I just got into a terrible accident and completely totaled my BMW M4,” the singer tweeted to shocked fans. The reason behind the crash currently remains unclear — in recent months, Carter made headlines numerous times, including due to an instance of driving under the influence. Many motorist collision attorneys would say this accident was bound to happen if Carter continued his party-boy ways.

Don’t Come Get THIS Party

While the singer’s hit single may have advised listeners to enjoy “Aaron’s Party,” the reality is that there is a time and a place for partying, and that place is not in a motor vehicle. According to the latest data available from car accident attorneys, the average drunk driver drives drunk 80 times before their first arrest. That is 80 instances of putting both their lives, and the lives of others on the road, in jeopardy. In fact, one person is injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes.

How to Avoid Becoming an Aaron Carter

To avoid making the same mistakes as Aaron Carter, you’ll have to do more than throw away your handwritten lyrics to “I want candy.” You’ll need to put down the party drinks as well. Motorist collision attorneys can help you make a detailed plan for moving forward if you’ve already gotten into a situation where you’ve been driving under the influence. Important legal advice for this situation: don’t do as Aaron did and advertise your ordeal on social media — even if it is harrowing. Depending on what you say and who you potentially say it to, your posts can be used as evidence in a court of law.

One Mistake Doesn’t Need to be a Life Sentence

Car crash attorneys are clear on one thing: if you are caught driving under the influence, you are very likely facing jail time and/or fees. One mistake — whether that’s trying to make a come back after being a child star, or getting behind the wheel after just one too many drinks — doesn’t need to define the rest of your life. Consult a motorist collision attorney who can help protect your interests when it comes to complicated questions of “who is at fault?” in accidents on the road.

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